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New Teacher Support

In addition to educating the bright young minds of Shafter, teachers who are just beginning their journey into the profession are faced with a multitude of additional tasks, responsibilities, and professional obligations in order to obtain a Clear Teaching Credential. The Richland School District is dedicated to the support and mentoring of our newest teachers as they navigate their first few years while supplying the structured program required for their Clear Credential. 

As the Induction and Intern Mentor, Jill O'Connell provides support to our newest teachers through individual meetings, group collaborations, coordinated support, and in-class observations, all of which include a combination of structured, responsive, and proactive support. Structured support utilizes the formative assessment tools provided by KCSOS to meet the requirements of the Induction Program. Responsive support provides mentoring for our teachers' 'in-the-moment' needs such as lesson planning, classroom management, resource discovery, and finding answers and solutions to questions and concerns. Proactive support is offered in anticipation of the needs of our newest teachers; providing resources and direction appropriate to district and site expectations. 

Jill O'Connell is a graduate of Richland Junior High (1983), Shafter High School (1987), and UCLA, graduating with Bachelor's of Sociology (1991) and Master's in Education in 1992. She returned to Shafter, and Richland, 26 years ago as a teacher and now acts as a mentor, interacting directly with our first- and second-year teachers as they manage the path toward their Clear Credential.

For information on California Teacher Induction please click HERE.