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Aeries Parent Portal

  • Aeries Parent Portal Login Page Instructions

    To access the Aeries Parent Portal visit the Aeries Parent Portal login webpage

    If you have used the Aeries Parent Portal before, you will need to reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” button. This is to ensure continued security.

    If you need to create an account please go to Action 1 below. If you can access your Aeries Parent Portal account, but cannot view the student you may skip to Action 7. If you can access your account and view your student, skip to Action 8.

    Action 1: Select Create New Account

    Create New Account

    Action 2: Select Parent/Guardian Account

    • Click the Parent/Guardian button
    • Click Next

    Select Parent guardian account

    Action 3: Enter Account Information

    • Type your email address*
    • Re-type your email address*
    • Type a password — must be at least 6 characters long
    • Re-type password
    • Click "Next"

    * If you do not have an email address, you can create a free account with Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or another provider.

     Account Information

    Action 4: Open Your Email Program

    • Open your Email program in another window,
    • Open the message from [email protected]
    • Click on the "confirm current email address" link
    • If the email link does not work, please use the "Email Code" listed at the bottom of the email to confirm and proceed to Action 5

    Account verification

    Action 5: Complete Email Verification (skip if email link worked)

    • Enter your email address
    • Enter the "Email Code" — this should not be confused with the verification code
    • Click "Accept"

    Email Verification

    Action 6: Return to Login Page

    Login to Aeries

    Action 7: Student Verification

    You will need the following information to complete the verification process for your child and a different code for each child you have at Richland SD. Your child’s verification code will NEVER change. You only need to do this process once.

    • 6-digit student permanent ID number
    • 10-digit primary telephone number
    • Student verification code

    Log in using your email address and password, then enter the following:

    • 6-digit Student Permanent ID number
    • 10-digit home telephone number
    • Student verification code
    • Click "Next"

    Action 8: Report Cards

    You will now see several tabs:

    • Click on Grades (1),
    • Report Card History (2) and
    • Year 2019-20, 3rd Quarter (Trimester 3)
    • Click on the English or Spanish link to display the report card

    Report Cards

    *If you are already logged into the portal for one child, you may hover over change student and click on add new student.

    Add new student

    Action 9: View Your Child's State Test Scores Report

    • After logging into the Aeries Parent Portal (or updating the emergency contact information), hover your mouse over "Test Scores"
    • Click on "State Test Scores Reports" 
    • Click on an available test result under CAASPP or ELPAC

    Test scores

    Note: If the score report does not open when you click on it, it may be that the report opens in a new tab and some internet browsers prevent this. If that happens:

    • Right click on the report you want to view
    • Under the menu that opens, click “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in a new window”


    Please click on all of the informational links available on your student’s test score reports to help you better understand your child’s performance/progress on these tests. If you have any questions about your child’s performance on the state tests, be sure to make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss the results. The same reports are available to teachers in their version of the Aeries Student Information system. We invite you to join us at one of the informational meetings we will hold this fall (see below). Any parent can attend any meeting, regardless of where your student attends school.


    If you cannot locate the verification code or you have questions regarding your child’s report card, please contact your school office.

    If you have other technical difficulties accessing the parent portal (other than needing your verification code), email [email protected].