Attendance is of utmost importance.  A student can not learn if not present in the classroom every day and on time.  Measures are taken to ensure students are attending school daily. If a student is absent, an automated phone call home is made the same day.  If there are further absences, attendance letters are mailed, meetings are held to support the student, and the student will be placed on a School Attendance Review Contract (SART). If the SART Contract is violated by further absences/tardies, and Letter #3 and intervention supports have failed, the next step is to refer the student and their parent/caretaker to the district's School Attendance Review Board (SARB).
If the student and their family fail to follow the SARB recommendations they may be referred to Shafter's District Attorney's Office for prosecution. Refer to Education Code Penalties (Parent) for more information about this.
For more information please contact: Mayra Helo-Trevino, Ed.D. Director of Student & Family Services, Shafter Healthy Start Program Director, McKinney-Vento & Foster Youth Liaison
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