Library Services

Welcome to the Richland School Library

We are proud of our School Libraries in the Richland School District. We weave Common Core State Standards, California Model School Library Standards and 21st Century Learning and Digital Citizenship into our Library lessons and resource selection. Through our innovative program we partner with our school community to prepare our students for college, careers, and lifelong learning, including information and digital literacy and critical thinking skills. These skills are what our students need to succeed in a world that is becoming more global and connected through digital media. Good school library programs are essential to a good education. Since 1965, more than 60 education and library studies have produced clear evidence that school libraries staffed by qualified librarians have a positive impact on student academic achievement. We value our role in preparing Richland students for success.

School libraries are in the center of an information explosion. Although there is unprecedented access to previously unavailable sources, a great deal of online information is neither accurate nor valuable. With this explosion, students need help more than ever learning how to navigate and evaluate what they find. With this in mind, we in the Richland School District Library Program teach future generations of information users how to access, evaluate, integrate, originate, and use information safely, legally, and ethically.

Library Staff Includes:

  • Vacant, District Librarian
  • Mrs. Powell, District Library Secretary
  • Mrs. Hiebert, Richland Junior High School Library Assistant
  • Mrs. Gonzalez, Golden Oak Elementary Library Assistant
  • Mrs. Solko, Redwood Elementary Library Assistant
  • Mrs. Pimentel, Sequoia Elementary Library Assistant