Dual Immersion

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Richland Dual Language Education Program
For TK and Kindergarten
Golden Oak Elementary
Principal: Anamarie Mendez
195 S. Wall Street
Shafter, CA 93263
(661) 746-8670

* In the 2019-2020 school year, Dual Language classes will begin in TK and Kindergarten. Each year, one higher grade will be added until the program extends from TK/K through 6th grade.
* Classes have a balanced number of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers. Students work together cooperatively and become language models for each other.
* Teachers strategically separate the language of instruction with no translation. Students are taught to build bridges between concepts and language skills learned in English and Spanish.
* The program provides ongoing language acquisition and academic assessment to determine student needs in both languages. 

PROGRAM GOALS: The 3 pillars of Dual Language Education
* Bilingualism and Biliteracy
* High Academic Achievement in both English and Spanish
*Socio-cultural Competence

High Academic Achievement. A rigorous core academic curriculum aligned to state standards.
Bilingualism and Biliteracy. Students will learn to speak, read and write in both English and Spanish with advanced proficiency. 
Cognitive and Academic Benefits. Develops flexibility and creativity in thinking. State Seal of Biliteracy and college credit in high school. 
High Self Esteem and Sociocultural Competence. Students learn to value the language and culture of their home and those of other cultures.
Enhanced college and career opportunities.